Initiatives 2013 | Borders to Cross

Borders to Cross brings together innovative examples of democratic innovation and civic driven change in and around Europe. Over 100 initiatives have applied to our open call for innovative practices and dilemmas and 40 are chosen as the most inspiring and innovative. Questions and dilemmas that these initiatives encounter on a micro level are the basis of the learning community at Borders to Cross. We will also reflect beyond these daily practices and look at the bigger picture of the transition that fosters democratic innovation and civic driven change.

Look around below and meet these initiatives already today and start exchanging in our LinkedIn community. Or download a summary of the Borders to Cross 2013 initiatives here.


Borders to Cross | Initiative

Transformed by you, UK

This programme stimulates collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using technology to improve their neighborhoods. By using a competition focused on local challenges that involves communities to come up with new ways of meeting these needs that matter to them. At the same time it gives entrepreneurs the incentives to turn these ideas into prototypes provides a sense of ownership to these stakeholders for tackling these challenges with public services.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Better Reykjavik

This project is an online democracy building tool that was created as a reaction to the 2008 economic crisis in Iceland. Robert Bjarnason and Gunnar Grimsson initiated this online tool for collaborative democracy. The aim of the project is to connect the citizens to their representatives and give the voters a direct influence on decision-making. The tangible results are that dozens of priorities have been completed and many more are being worked on.