Initiatives 2013 | Borders to Cross

Borders to Cross brings together innovative examples of democratic innovation and civic driven change in and around Europe. Over 100 initiatives have applied to our open call for innovative practices and dilemmas and 40 are chosen as the most inspiring and innovative. Questions and dilemmas that these initiatives encounter on a micro level are the basis of the learning community at Borders to Cross. We will also reflect beyond these daily practices and look at the bigger picture of the transition that fosters democratic innovation and civic driven change.

Look around below and meet these initiatives already today and start exchanging in our LinkedIn community. Or download a summary of the Borders to Cross 2013 initiatives here.


Borders to Cross | Initiative

Balkan Forum

For two times now, in May 2012 and 2013, the Balkan Forum gathered more than 40 progressive organizations and movements from across the Balkan region. They met in Zagreb for two days of intensive discussions on current social struggles across the region with the aim of forming a more permanent Balkan Forum. Their basic idea is that, to paraphrase the slogan of the World Social Forum, it is clear that “another Balkans is possible!” The participants launched a process that will allow the Balkan Forum to act as a long term platform for mutual cooperation that can generate concrete social, economic and political proposals.

Borders to Cross | Initiative


The Citizens Pact, launched in December 2012, brings together a coalition of citizens and organizations joining in to advocate for concrete demands for the Europe they want to live in. The Citizens Pact should be understood as a pact between the citizens of Europe – including all people who reside and participate in Europe – and a pact between them and the EU institutions, in which concrete proposals are developed, calling for radical change in European politics. This process empowers citizens to take action, to participate in the development of a European political sphere, and to ensure the 2014 European Parliament elections are truly transeuropean, rather than a sum of national logics.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Straten Generaal

Straten Generaal is citizen’s collective that creates horizontal networks within civil society to inject collective expertise and innovative thinking into government decision. It has ‘opposed’ a government project by means of putting forward a well-developed alternative developed by and embedded in civil society. This resulted in the withdrawal of this government project, a study in the alternative and a new decree that was issued in order to create more space and time for gathering collective expertise in developing investment and infrastructure project.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Local community owned home care, Malmo

This community owned local social enterprise is about building grassroots organizations’ capacity to run their own “business” where the revenue is reinvested in the local community. Moreover, these enterprises also create employment in the area, build social capital and bridge between generations. The innovation is both the value-based business using recourses better, resulting in better and more efficient homecare and the type of organization which is hybrid, combining commercial and social aims.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

At the playgrounds, common space in Manastur neighborhood

This project takes place in the only green big space of Manastur. In a context of complex relationships between pre-communist rural property, communist understanding of common space (public space) and post-communist claiming of property, the future of this green space is uncertain. This project aims to creates a common space for the people to meet, exchange memories and thoughts about the place and also talk about the future they want for this space.