Initiatives 2013 | Borders to Cross

Borders to Cross brings together innovative examples of democratic innovation and civic driven change in and around Europe. Over 100 initiatives have applied to our open call for innovative practices and dilemmas and 40 are chosen as the most inspiring and innovative. Questions and dilemmas that these initiatives encounter on a micro level are the basis of the learning community at Borders to Cross. We will also reflect beyond these daily practices and look at the bigger picture of the transition that fosters democratic innovation and civic driven change.

Look around below and meet these initiatives already today and start exchanging in our LinkedIn community. Or download a summary of the Borders to Cross 2013 initiatives here.


Borders to Cross | Initiative

Cew-It: Citizens Manifesto in Action

This Citizens Manifesto can be seen as a social contract between citizens and their leaders and was implemented in Uganda from 2011 to 2013. It was implemented by the The Citizens Watch-IT (CEW-IT), which is a legal consortium of five NGOs that is involved in innovative methods of election monitoring, social accountability and governance and empowering citizens in improving their livelihoods. They are promoting the use of the Citizens Manifesto (CM) as an engagement tool/ platform between leaders and their electorate.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

The Oasis Game

The Oasis Game comes originally from Brazil and is a six day event that invites a community to develop and build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by the members of the community to suit their needs. Projects can range from a square, a park, a kindergarten to a cultural center. The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves representatives from different sectors of the society – NGO’s, government as well as community members from other parts of the city. Being inspired by this Brazilian method, the institute Elos has spreads this game around the world , Newham, the UK being one of the playgrounds.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Citizen Academy

The project was born after protest in March 12th 2011 in Portugal. Some of the organizers, together with lots of other citizens, were inspired to create this Citizenship Academy. Its main goals is to promote conscientiousness and civic intervention through learning, cultural, artistic, sports and communication activities. They want to achieve this by creating a school for citizenship, a cultural action group, an incubator of ideas, projects and organizations, a documentation centre and many more.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Clubture Croatia

Clubture is a non-profit, participatory network and a forum of organizations, which aims to strengthen the independent cultural sector. This is done by programme networking, raising of public visibility, encouraging the organizational development of the sector, as well as strengthening its influence on the changes of institutional framework within which it works. It functions as a collaborative platform within which those organizations cooperate directly on specific projects in fields such as urban culture, youth culture, interdisciplinary art and cultural projects, art activism and socially engaged programmes.

Borders to Cross | Initiative

Teatro Valle Occupato

This project is a collective of artists and theatre workers who have reclaimed Rome’s oldest theatre from privatization in June 2011 and transformed it into a shared space of cultural commons, governed by and for the community. The occupiers now receive political and legal recognition by officially forming the Fondazione Teatro Valle Bene Comune, the first foundation for common goods in Italy. This project will also receive the ECF Princess Margriet Award in 2014. Read more..