Workshops 2013 | Borders to Cross

On day two, we continued our exchange with workshops, cross talks and the City Picnic. In total, there were 21 workshops, divided into three rounds. Each round dealt with the transition from a different angle: the first round was about the different sectors (What are citizens and governments doing differently in the different sectors?), the second round was about the used methodology (What methods are used to realize social and democratic change?) and the third and final round dealt with the ways in which the system is challenged by the initiatives (What is necessary for structural change?).

Each workshop is built on the practices and dilemmas of two initiatives. These became the starting point for discussion and knowledge exchange. Each workshop took about 90 minutes and was hosted only once.

So take the opportunity to read the different summary reports of the workshops of Borders to Cross (in the table below) or download your workshop reports of choice. You can also download the complete overview and summary reports here.


Summary reports workshops


Health and Well-being

Community and the Living Environment

Economics and Urban Planning

Youth and Participation

Arts and Culture


Sustainability and the Environment

Quality of Life in Neighbourhoods

Alternative Financing

Active Involvement of Citizens

Raising Awareness Access to Health Care



Transparency and New Technology


Institutional Innovation

Citizen Involvement in the Market


Development of Local Communities

Empowerment of Civil Society

Dealing with Conflicts

Interaction and Responsiveness

Changing Relations in Public Service Delivery

Community Building and Training