Crosstalk | Borders to Cross


The following Crosstalkers mentioned below delivered a speech during the Borders to Cross Conference 2013 on 30 October.



Round 1 (9.30-11am): Homes in on transition and the challenges of democratic innovation as seen from different sectors.

  • Firoez Ramin Azarhoosh is actively involved in Amsterdam-East, one of the most diverse and heterogenic neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. He will talk about his experience with “de Meevaart” a community enterprise, as an example of Do-It-Yourself community power.
  • Maite Garcia Lechner is the manager of the Grants Programme at the European Cultural Foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She will talk about the Networked Project, a four year journey to nourish a new, engaged and fresh look on Europe through supporting a dynamic network of local cultural change-makers.
  • Stephen Clare is the Deputy Chief Executive of Locality – a network of community development trusts, community enterprises, and social action centres. They have led the community ownership, community asset management and community enterprise agendas in the UK as well as providing a voice for their members – raising their concerns, promoting their interests, and influencing policy and practice of government and other strategic agencies.
  • Brieuc van Damme (BE) is an economist (College of Europe & KULeuven) and works as the healthcare and social affairs advisor of the Belgian deputy prime minister Alexander De Croo. Brieuc is also a founding member and president of the Brussels based policy think-tank for young potentials The Friday Group. He is a member of the General Council of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, the management committee of the Social Security and the author of several published policy papers and books. At Borders to Cross, he will share his vision on the way the political realm and government needs to change to facilitate and stimulate democratic innovation and civic driven change.


Round 2 (11.30am-1pm): You are asked to reflect upon the methods you use.

  • Silvia de Ronde Bresser is one of the initiators of “Kracht in NL” Kracht in NL makes  bottom up initiatives within local societies,  nationally visible. It connects these initiatives, and by doing so helps to create a new  “Top Sector”. A Top Sector that  focuses on new local or civic economies, on smart use of resources,  cooperation and  action. Kracht in NL inspires private and  public parties as well as knowledge institutes and funds  to provide space and energy to this new Top Sector. Social innovators from all  parties  are linked in the “ Kracht in NL community”. Together we aim to build a more resilient and stronger Holland.
  • Cato Leonard is a stakeholder engagement expert and the campaign leader of the G1000. This initiative drew up a number of specific policy recommendations together with the citizens of Belgium. She will explain more about the methodology of G1000 and to what extent  the G1000 has been able to influence policy making
  • Lianne van der Veer Lianne van der Veer works for the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation. The Observatory aims to systematically collect, categorise, analyse and share innovative practices from across the public sector. Lianne will reflect upon how to connect the lessons learned at Borders to Cross with the work of the Observatory, and shed light on trends in citizen-led innovation and democratic renewal.
  • Jose Andriga will introduce  10 opportunities for Dynamic Public Servants in a cross-talk. Jose likes to combine the practical with the strategic. She works for Agency NL with the SME sector on environmental and technological innovation, within the Sustainable Technology Development Programme and later in the Transition Competence Centre. In Pioneers into Practice she works with European regions on the transfer of transition knowledge. She steers processes and intervision in instruments of social Change and is also a personal and professional coach and a mindfulness trainer.


Round 3 (2.30-4pm): homes in on what is needed to enable long-term democratic innovation and bottom-up social change.

  • Frank van Erkel is programme director for the development of the city of Amsterdam. Furthermore he is also involved in consultancy, coaching and change management.
  • Niccolo Milanese  is co-president of European Alternatives. He also works on the SHARES and Citizens’ Pact projects. Before he started European Alternatives, he occupied himself mostly with poetry, philosophy and travel.
  • Michel Bauwens is an active writer, researcher and conference speaker on the subject of technology, culture and business innovation. He is the founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives and works in collaboration with a global group of researchers in the exploration of peer production, governance, and property
  • Marienella Sclavi has been teaching the Art of Listening, Emotional Self-Awareness and Creative Conflict Management at the Polytechnic University in Milan from 1993 to 2008. She has written  ethnographies based on what she calls “a humor-based methodology” and has been a consultant in several programs of inclusive public policy and urban renewal in Italy and abroad.