Citizens Manifesto

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What do you think about elected leaders and participatory ICT platforms? This week: Citizens Manifesto, An Ugandan case about constructing a social contract between citizens and their leaders.

By Rense Bos

Citizens of Uganda are concerned that their basic civic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the 1995 constitution of Uganda are being endangered by the introduction of restrictive legislation. Five Ugandan NGO’s (CEW-IT) took the initiative to construct a Citizens Manifesto. 150 local organizations were involved in popularizing the project at the grassroots in 29 districts. The Manifesto serves as a social contract – and strengthened the relationship – between citizens and their elected leaders.

With the use of social and ICT platforms, on- and offline meetings, Ugandan citizens constructed the Citizens Manifesto (CM). With the CM citizens proactively engage in planning and giving feedback on matters like fighting corruption and poverty, reviving the agricultural sector and improving the health delivery system.

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